Workshops & classes


You are welcome to join my day classes, either to learn how to weave, or to progress with skills you already have.

Classes are held on a Friday each week. 

Class times are:     am 9.30 to 12 noon,                          

Class members can take part in a joint project/exhibition with weavers in Denmark and Ireland.   Participation in this project is voluntary.

As a member of the class you would be welcome to take part in this project.  

The classes are held in my studio at:

First Floor, Britannia Mill, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield


I charge £80.00 for a 'term' of 7  classes - classes continue throughout the year

All materials and a set of notes are included in the charge. 

A loom (for £7.00) will be available to purchase.

Contact me if you are interested in attending - see contact page.


One to one sessions and workshops available on request



I am offering these courses as one to one or in a group - contact me to let me know which you are wanting:


1.     Supplementary Warps - how to make folds, use additional warps to create pattern on the surface of your weaving

2.     Textured Surfaces - using different stitches and fibres to create pattern, design and texture in your weaving

3.     Eccentric Weaving - using different directions with your weft to create surface design

4.     Raised Freeform - creating movement in your weaving using raised stitches and different materials

5.     Interweaving - using paper yarns to create free standing weavings

6.     Shaped Weaving - how to create your own shaped weaving